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Deutsche Unternehmerbörse is the online portal for business succession and franchising. On companies find new owners and founders start their career as entrepreneurs, be it via buying a company or becoming a franchisee. Our magazine, DUB UNTERNEHMER has the largest circulation in Germany and has a special focus on digitisation.

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“FranchiseERFOLGE” is a magazine for people interested in franchises. It is targeted at FRANCHISE start-ups and potential franchisees and so responds to the important role of franchising in company start-ups and in safeguarding jobs and companies. Franchising promotes independence and offers new opportunities for SMEs. This makes the subject a must for UNTERNEHMERVERLAG, which devotes the magazine exclusively to the franchise industry.

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Franchise Portal: the Virtual Franchise Fair covers a wide range of proven commercial franchising ideas for self-employment in Austria. The portal is known throughout the German-speaking part of Europe. The Virtual Franchise Fair covers some 300 exhibitors and detailed information provides founders and franchise system operators with fundamental knowledge and the latest news.Website Franchise Portal

CASH Handelsmagazin is the leading special interest magazine for manufacturing and trade. Monthly we inform all opinionleaders, managers and members of staff at POS about news in the line, showing trends and developments in trade business and industry. We present product launches and highlights of international trade fairs.

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Facts and figures - is this all you can say about the Austrian Economic Area? Is economy a boring topic? No way! DIE MACHER displays everything behind it and what invigorates economy: articles about charismatic personalities, top manager, emerging enterprises, courageous founders.



Franchise and media platform "PunktFranchise"

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"from idea to hero" - the online magazine is dedicated to the most important topics for founders and young entrepreneurs. Together with experts we provide comprehensive information, because at the start founders are under enormous pressure. That is why they exist: the StartUp-Heroes! Companies, consultants and service providers who help founders get started.


information.knowledge.sharing - the online magazine addresses itself to entrepreneurs, thematizes challenges and gives the suitable solutions. A constantly changing environment requires flexibility and above all the right information. We take this fact into account and introduce them: the Business-Heroes! Companies, consultants and service providers who give the information that companies need.

SHEconomy is a central platform for successful women. In addition to classic kiosk sales, the main focus is on communities and networks. The SHEconomy print, online and event offerings are a high-quality service with decisive added value for successful women and promote visibility of the women's networks as a whole.

The Vision is that women are in top positions and behind them visible and self-evident. SHEconomy is a new, colourful medium for women's perspective on business topics and a female business community in which everyone is happy to participate.

The Börsen-Kurier, founded in 1922, is Austria's only weekly newspaper for finance and business. The Börsen-Kurier sees itself as a media partner of the Austrian capital market and maintains cooperation with the Vienna Stock Exchange, the Aktienforum as a representative of the interests of listed Austrian stock corporations, C.I.R.A. - Cercle Investor Relations Austria, the InvestmentClub Austria and many other organizations that work to strengthen Vienna as a financial center.
As a weekly special interest medium, the Börsen-Kurier addresses active private investors as well as decision-makers in the financial sector - from the controller in a listed company to chartered accountants, foundation board members and bank employees to self-employed and independent investment advisors.
In terms of its content, it is dominated not only by analyses and background reports on Austrian stock corporations, but also by all forms of financial investment as well as capital market-oriented and economic policy issues. Once a month, the Börsen-Kurier also publishes specials on the topics of funds, certificates, retirement planning and, last but not least, ethical and sustainable investments. The Börsen-Kurier is solely responsible to its readers in this context.

The igenda trade magazine is the print product of igenda, the Society for Enterprise and Network Evaluation. Whether best practices, the latest research findings or expert articles - in the igenda trade magazine you will find everything you need to know about modern working in corporate networks. The magazine is aimed both at specialists and managers from the networks, as well as network partners and those who want to become network partners.

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Opinion Leaders Network is the brand for a unique combination of online medium and advertising agency. The focus is on the idea of networking: Decision-makers who use information of the online medium as well as the agency services are our partners and can count themselves among the circle of opinion leaders.

LEADERSNET: Austria's largest business portal with daily business news and the largest national business photo gallery provides Austria's top decision-makers with the "Daily Business News" five times a week across all sectors. Infotainment is clearly focused. Up-to-date business reports with photo galleries and lots of moving image content, readable on all end devices, are the right offer for the information needs of today's media users.

LUXURY NEWS has a clear end-consumer orientation and therefore also has its own luxury newsletter, which is sent exclusively to opinion leaders in the business world. With the editorial topics lifestyle, events, travel, culinary, motor, watches & jewellery as well as beauty, we do not leave out any industry in this segment. The high-quality design, including large-format images, is intended to prove to the advertising industry that its premium and luxury products are in high regard not only in the country's high-end magazines.

GEWINN - The business magazine for your personal advantage is dedicated in its reporting to topics about investment, real estate, taxes, career and lifestyle, as well as franchising in each of its issues for a decade.


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